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YA Fantasy and Paranormal Romance

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                                                                    Thank you for visiting my Official website! I've tried to keep things fairly simple,

                                                                              because as Bones from Star Trek would say: "I'm a writer, not a web designer!" Still, I'll admit I indulged a little bit because like all authors, I've fallen in love with the characters who have thus far come into my life and insisted I tell their stories. Like a good book review that doesn't give away spoilers, I shall say no more, merely turn you loose to explore the site and discover what awaits within it for yourself. Please keep this in mind however:  

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"As an author, I breathe life into each and every character within the stories that I write. But it is the reader who gives them their souls."

                                                    -- Scott A. Borgman

YA Fantasy sections are suitable for ages 12+, Paranormal Romance sections are intended for mature audiences.