But it is the reader who

gives them their souls."

Strong, compelling female characters in the leading roles... it's kind of his thing.

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Their second child, Jhessica, was born a year later. They moved back to Iowa shortly after, where their third child, Michael was born. After living for a year in Arizona, they moved to central Wisconsin, where their fourth child, Cameron was born. In 2010, the family was struck by tragedy when Cameron passed away at the age of 3 in a tragic car accident. It was through that loss that Scott rediscovered the gift he had left behind so many years before through writing poetry, along with his first novel, The Exiled, which he had written not just as a story to entertain, but for a purpose.

At that time, Scott was taking a Written Communications class at Mid-State Technical College in Marshfield, Wisconsin - a requirement needed to obtain a degree in Business Management. He stopped after class one night to speak to his instructor, and during the course of the conversation, Scott confided in him that as a child, he had always wanted to be a fiction writer, but that he didn't think he could do it because he'd never obtained any kind of English or writing degree. It was then that he was given the encouragement he needed by his instructor, Steven Thayer, who told him: "Scott, you don't need a degree to write."

Scott has since written two other books to tell the complete story in his Exiled trilogy, a trio of High Fantasy books in the Tal'Avern fantasy world, which he created from the ground up, and has just released his latest book, Angel: The Mithista Incident, which is a New Adult Urban Fantasy.  

Scott Arend Borgman was born in Robbinsdale, Minnesota on Sept. 19, 1975, the only son to Harry and Jeannie Borgman, and younger brother to Kristie Borgman. After living in several small towns during the early years of his childhood, they moved to the small community of Oelwein, Iowa. Always an imaginative child, Scott discovered at an early age he had a natural gift for writing and spent countless hours in his bedroom writing short stories. He continued to take every opportunity to write through high school, taking English classes, Creative Writing, and was on his high school newspaper - his first year as a reporter and then as the News Editor.

After high school, Scott was encouraged to write for a newspaper, a magazine, or to do something in television. But that wasn't the kind of writing he wanted to do, and so his first year in college, he set aside his pen and majored in Criminal Justice at St. Cloud State University. After only a year, he transferred schools and took up Computer Science instead. It was then that he met his wife, Nicola, on an online game.

Rather than continue his education, Scott moved out to Virginia and got a job at a local grocery store. A year later they were married, and also welcomed their first child, DeAnna.     

About the Author

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"As an author, I breathe life into each and every character within the stories that I write.


Scott has received official awards for several of his books:

  • (4) 5-Star review awards from Readers' Favorite for Province of a Thief, The Exiled: Continuation, The Exiled: Infinity, and Angel: The Mithista Incident.

  • 2016 Finalist, Independent Author Network (IAN) awards contest for The Exiled

  • 2016 Official Selection, New Apple Summer E-book awards contest for The Exiled Trilogy 



Scott believes in giving back as much as he can to the community and to supporting various causes:

  • Raised funds through donations and participated in Extra Life  (www.extra-life.org)

  • Donated first three books in the Tal'Avern Chronicles to the Everett Roehl Marshfield Public Library (Marshfield, WI) and Pittsville Public Library (Pittsville, WI) to help promote reading

  • Helped raise funds through donations for the Marshfield Public Library (Marshfield, WI) for a new building

  • Raised funds through donations for the National MS Society  (www.nationalmssociety.org)

  • Took part in WALK MS: Marshfield

  • Ran a personal campaign and donated almost 75% of profits from book sales to a charity that grants wishes to kids fighting against life-threatening illnesses

  • Rescued 2 cats - one was left abandoned on a friend's porch in a cardboard box at 6 weeks old, and the other was adopted from the Clark County Humane Society  (www.cchs-petshelter.org)

  • Donated all three books in the Exiled trilogy to the new Everett Roehl Marshfield Public Library, as well as The Exiled Trilogy (Collector's Edition)

  • Donated a copy of Angel: The Mithista Incident  to the Everett Roehl Marshfield Public Library
  • Donated all three individual books in the Exiled trilogy, The Exiled Trilogy (Collector's Edition), and a copy of Angel: The Mithista Incident  to the Pittsville Community Library.