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"As an author, I breathe life into each and every character within the stories that I write.

As the end of days draws near, the dead will rise. The defiant shall fall. Cities will crumble and burn.

Synopsis:  The Exiled Trilogy thrusts you into modern day Earth, weaving an action-packed tale about honor, duty, deception, betrayal, desire, and love... while taking a hard, emotional look at humanity as the full story is told through three books. A foul-mouthed angel. The devil's plans to escape. A journey through Hell itself. Expect the unexpected. There's also strong language. And sex. They wouldn't fall under the Paranormal Romance genre if there wasn't!

Every family has secrets. Lucifer intends to exploit theirs... and this time, the angels won't be able to help.

When the devil has you in his sights, you need an angel by your side... even if she does have a mouth on her.

        The angels have waited, knowing something is coming on the horizon. Something dark. But they don't know what. They don't know when. They only know it's coming. For five years, Kaly and Cody have waited as well. And in those five years, they haven't aged a day. Such was the gift that was given to them.

        He's plotted, planned, and studied his foes for ages. He knows their weaknesses. When he unleashes his fury upon them all, no one is prepared. Humans, angels, old gods... no one is safe. Chaos ensues and the death toll begins to rise.

        As the angels fight to defend Heaven and the old gods battle for Olympus, Kaly makes a dangerous decision and ventures into Lucifer's prison, while Cody travels to Olympus in a desperate hope to find a way to stop an unstoppable foe. And while they seek answers - humanity faces the Apocalypse on Earth.

       The veil will be torn away. Enemies will become allies to fight a common foe. You'll walk with uncle and niece into the darkest depths of humanity to discover how low we can sink - and how high we're capable of soaring. You'll fly with angels, stand with the old gods, and fight beside humanity in its most desperate hour.

        The game draws to a close. Humans, angels, and old gods face a foe that has planned everything so meticulously that there can be only one outcome: a stunning conclusion to the trilogy that will last for Infinity.         

Paranormal Romance - the  Books

Available in digital (Kindle) and paperback!

        The story begins with David, an ordinary guy with an ordinary job. He's what most people call an Atheist. He doesn't believe in angels. He doesn't believe in the devil. What better place for the key to Lucifer's prison to hide than in someone who doesn't believe in any of that?

         When Lucifer discovers where the key to his prison is, he sets out to claim it. The only thing standing in his way: the Exiled. For ages, they've fought to keep Lucifer and those who stand beside him contained within the prison. It's a war between angels and fallen angels. Between Exiled and Imprisoned. Between brothers and sisters. And the Exiled are losing.

        By a stroke of luck (or is it fate?), Celeste and David cross paths, and the ongoing struggle to contain Lucifer takes a new turn as David discovers the world he's always known isn't what it seems, that angels don't wear halos, and his lack of religious belief doesn't matter. Lucifer wants the key to his prison - and he'll stop at nothing to get it.

        Celeste may be Exiled, but she's still an angel... still sworn to protect humanity - and that includes David. Protecting him from her imprisoned brothers and sisters isn't her only problem, though. She's attracted to David like a moth to a flame, but angel Law strictly forbids any kind of intimate relationships with humans. Not even a single kiss is allowed. She knows why it's forbidden, but that's just a rumor... 

Available in digital (Kindle) and paperback!

Available in digital (Kindle) and paperback!

Available in digital (Kindle) and paperback!

        Picking up where The Exiled  left off, Lucifer is still pissed that his plan to obtain the key was thwarted. But you can't keep a determined devil down, and Lucifer's got something new up his demonic-looking armor. He's devious and calculating. He knows the rules - and this time, he's going to use them in his favor.

        As the story speeds ahead through the years, Lucifer's plans begin to unfold. With the help of a shadowy ally, he manipulates the rules on a fateful night - the very night David and Celeste sit down to tell their daughter who she really is.

        For 23 years, Kaly thought she was a normal human being, just like everyone else. But when she becomes the target in Lucifer's newest attempt to escape his prison, the veil is lifted once more as Kaly learns through frightful experience that her parents have  secrets - and she's one of them.

        They're out there... dark creatures of myth and legend that have been portrayed in movies and written about in books. But the monsters are real. They're coming for her. And this time, the angels are powerless to help. Lucifer's plan is flawless. His freedom from the prison is assured. No human will keep him from escaping this time.

        It's going to take more than bullets to keep Lucifer contained... more than human determination, unexpected love, angelic defiance, or help from an old acquaintance with her own agenda. It's going to take something this world has never seen before.

       An angel with a mouth. The devil's deceptive plans as he attempts to break free from his prison. The old gods of Olympus. Werewolves, vampires, and other creatures of myth and legend. A human with no belief. A daughter who's more than what she seems to be. A journey through Hell itself.

       The Exiled Trilogy thrusts you into a world where things are not what they appear to be. On the surface, it may seem to be nothing more than a story that seeks to entertain. There's action, suspense, a touch of horror, a bit of fantasy... and yes, even some sex.  But like the theme of the story itself where a veil hides the truth behind it, there's more than just a story behind the cover.

       The Exiled Trilogy isn't for the feint of heart. It dares to show the darkest depths that we can sink to - and how high we're capable of soaring. It pushes the boundaries and breaks through barriers. It had to.

       We come into this world innocent, knowing nothing of hate or discrimination. We don't know about lies, selfishness, greed or deceit. As we grow older, the world we know steals away that innocence.

       It's time to get it back. 

3 books. 1 story. Brought together into one complete volume to tell the epic tale from beginning to end.

 Some stories are meant to be written. Destined to be told. This is one of them. Even fiction has truth within it.

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Strong, compelling female characters in the leading roles... it's kind of his thing.

But it is the reader who

gives them their souls."