But it is the reader who

gives them their souls."

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Strong, compelling female characters in the leading roles... it's kind of his thing.

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"As an author, I breathe life into each and every character within the stories that I write.

Available in digital (Kindle) and paperback 

No one ever said being a superhero would be easy.

          No cape. No costume. Just #TeamAngel.

Urban Fantasy - the Books

Synopsis:  Everyone loves a comic book superhero. Perhaps they're so endearing because they have gadgets or special powers, wear capes and/or costumes, and have secret identities that only a few trusted friends know about. Or maybe it's because they fight crime and supervillains. No matter how tough the odds are stacked against them, the comic book superheroes always come out on top. But now the superhero mold has been redefined. Because this isn't a comic book world.

          Dani Taylor has a typical, normal life. She's got a job, her own apartment, and likes to go out with her two best friends Val and Chris on Friday nights to unwind at Club Rave, one of the most popular dance clubs in Angel City.

          That typical, normal life is flipped upside down on the night of her golden birthday. What starts as a headache becomes an image burning in her mind that she discovers isn't just something that her imagination drums up during some kind of delusional state. It's a repressed memory. There's a reason why it's suddenly been recalled... and that's not all that comes back.

           What do you do when there's a deadly alien hunting for you? When a mysterious, shadowy organization that shoots first and asks questions later also puts you in their sights? As if Dani doesn't have enough to worry about, one friend has a secret of her own and another wants more than just her friendship.

          When you're Earth's only hope for survival, do you hide who you are? Or do you choose to fight, to embrace your true self... and be the superhero the world needs you to be?

          Action. Suspense. Thrills. Unexpected twists. There's even some humor along the way.

          Angel City needs help. The people need a protector. They need a hero. A superhero.