Strong, compelling female characters in the leading roles... it's kind of his thing.

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"As an author, I breathe life into each and every character within the stories that I write.

Available in digital (Kindle) and paperback!

"Books are magical tickets that allow us to visit endless worlds, meet countless people, and have extraordinary adventures any time we want."

                                                               -- Scott A. Borgman  

        The great wall stretching across the southern border of the Province has fallen. With the armies still in the north, the human lands are ripe for the taking. As the harsh winter ends, hordes of goblins, Slaath, and the combined might of the orc clans sweep up from the Ashlands, leaving nothing but death and destruction in their wake.

        In Mar'Druk, the dwarves face an unrelenting foe as the orcs begin their conquest. The dwarves are outnumbered, and their enemy is fearless - determined to destroy their long-hated enemy.

        Three companions travel to the elven lands, beginning a quest to find a way to fight back against dragons that are immune to magic and sword. It's a dangerous journey... the elves have isolated themselves from the rest of the world, and outsiders are not welcomed with open arms any longer.

        Four others start their search for the lost towers of Zanimarith, where the keys to defeating the god behind the invading hordes and deadly dragons can supposedly be found. If they can obtain them.

        All of their hopes lie in nothing but children's stories, but it's all they have... and time is running out.

        The fires of war have been lit. Dragons will bring death and destruction. Allies will become enemies. And heroes will come out of the shadows with a burning desire to see that justice has been served.  


Synopsis:  Step into the fantasy world of Tal'Avern, where magic is real and fantastic creatures roam. It's a world where thieves, Shadow Walkers, and dark plots lurk within the shadows. It's a world of adventure and intrigue, where humans, elves, dwarves, and creatures of all shapes and sizes can be found. A world where things aren't always what they seem, danger may only be a step away... and heroes are found within the most unlikely places. Grab your lockpicks, strap on your armor, memorize your best spells, and prepare yourself - because not all heroes are knights in shining armor.

In Tal'Avern, even a master thief can have something stolen from her.

Available in digital (Kindle) and paperback!

        Jaelyth has been a thief for as long as she can remember. For fourteen years, she's lived her life in the shadows - sneaking through dark alleyways, picking locks, and stealing whatever items the jobs she's been given detailed. She's a master at her craft, the best in the city... perhaps the best thief in the entire Province.

        She's a member of the Thieves' Den in the capital city of Silvergate, taken off the streets from a city on the other side of the Province where she had been begging for food when she was twelve and taught the skills that she's perfected.

        At 26 years old, Jaelyth is close to paying off her debt to the Den and being able to go off on her own when she becomes caught up in the middle of a dark plot, and a murder forces the master thief to flee the only city she's ever known in a desperate search for answers.

        Along with an unlikely group of allies - two fellow thieves, the King's Mage, the Captain of the Golden Falcons, and a princess, Jaelyth's search for answers will take them across the Province as she learns things are not what they seem to be, she's more than just a master thief, and the shadows which have been her greatest ally and most trusted friend can't help her - they hold the greatest danger of all.

        Welcome to Tal'Avern.  

High Fantasy - the Books

As civil war rages, a darkness gathers... and dragons take to the skies once more.

When war sweeps across Tal'Avern, cities will fall. And heroes will rise.

Available in digital (Kindle) and paperback!

But it is the reader who

gives them their souls."

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        Tal'Avern has become a world in turmoil. In the northern part of the Province, civil war has raged for two years as the noble houses opposing Queen Salia's rule fight against those who remain loyal to her. In the lands of Mar'Druk, the dwarves stay within their mountains, wanting nothing to do with the problems plaguing the Province. And in the hot, desolate southern part of Tal'Avern known as the Ashlands, a darkness awakens and looks to the north with hungry eyes.

        As a harsh winter sets in, the scattered orc clans that live in the Ashlands are brought together, a student of magic passes her tests, becoming the first in a thousand years to walk the path of the Summoner, and dragons - winged reptilian creatures that haven't been seen in just as long and have become nothing more than stories of myth - return to Tal'Avern.

        The hordes gather in the Ashlands. The southern borders of Mar'Druk and the Province are attacked. An old alliance is rekindled with help from the most unlikely of people. And a small group ventures into the Shadow Realm on a quest of their own, crossing paths with someone who used to be a Shadow Walker like them, but has become... something else.

        Sharpen your swords. Learn your strongest spells. And tighten the straps on your armor.

        Tal'Avern needs you to stand once more beside old friends and meet new ones, because a darkness is coming. And with it... dragons.

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